MyShoutbox – Add a Chat Box To Your MyBB Forum

So, you’ve a forum powered by MyBB and you’ve a lot of active users. Some of these users create chit-chat or hi-hello threads that add little to no value to your forum but waste your bandwidth and disk space. You might ask how you, as a forum admin, can deal with this. Well, here’s the answer: Add a Shoutbox to your forum. A shout box can effectively decrease number of unwanted threads in your forum. In this post I’ll explain how you can add a chat box or a shoutbox to you MyBB powered forum using an excellent plugin named “MyShoutbox“, developed by Pirata Nervo, based on Asad Khan’s Spicefuse Shoutbox. But, before that, lets see how adding a chat box or shout box can be valuable to your forum.

Why Do I Add A Shoutbox?

Adding a shout box can reduce the number of unwanted threads in your forum. Sometimes forum members post topics that do not add any value to the forum. They create threads to wish “Good Morning” to other members, they create threads to share some funny articles they found somewhere and, yeah, they create threads to let other know what they did that day. If you’ve a shout box, your members would use that shout box for those unwanted topics. Shout box also helps to create a friendly relationship between the members of a forum, a shout box can turn users into members. Adding a shoutbox can greatly reduce spam posts in your forums.

MyShoutbox – MyBB Shoutbox Plugin

There are hundreds of MyBB plugins that can add a shoutbox to your forum, but so far I’ve found MyShoutbox best among them. Even a newbie can install it easily. MyShoutbox allows you to use smilies, and you can also let your users use [img] shortcode in their shouts. If you are running MyBB 1.6, you can also let your users insert videos in their shouts. Users can hide their shouts, or remove their shouts easily. You can also stop continuous posting by same user (spamming) in MyShoutbox Admin Panel. MyShoutbox completely blends with the forum, here’s a preview of MyShoutbox on a MyBB forum: MyShoutbox

How To Add MyShoutbox To Your MyBB Forum

Note: This tutorial has been written for version 1.7 of MyShoutbox.

  1. Download MyShoutbox plugin from MyBB Mods site. Link: (Latest version of MyShoutbox is 1.7)
  2. Unpack the downloaded Zip archive.
  3. Upload all files and folders inside  “Upload” folder to the directory where you have installed your MyBB forum.
  4. Now, go to Plugin Manager in your MyBB Admin Panel. Plugin Manager is located here: <YourForumURL>/admin/index.php?module=config-plugins
  5. In the Plugin Manager, click on “Install & Activate” link situated next to “MyShoutbox (1.7)” label.
  6. After installing MyShoutbox, go to the settings page of MyShoutBox and set it to suit your needs. To visit MyShoutbox settings page, click on “Configuration” button located on the menu bar in the ACP and then, on the Configurations page, click on “MyShoutbox” settings group.
  7. Now, you’re done. Visit your forum’s home page and you should see a shout box at the top or bottom of the page.

Installed But Can’t See The Shoutbox ?

If you can’t see MyShoutbox on your forum after correct installation, these may be the reasons:

  1. Entered incorrect values for the setting “Groups allowed to view the shoutbox“.

    Shoutbox is only shown to those user groups whose IDs have been added to the textbox next to “Groups allowed to view the shoutbox” setting. Make sure that “2” has been entered into that textbox. “2” is the default ID of “Registered” usergroup. Also make sure that “Check additional groups?” setting has been set to “Yes”. Now, visit your forum’s homepage, you should see the shoutbox, if you don’t, keep reading.

  2. Template code for MyShoutbox is not added in your theme’s Index Template.

    MyShoutbox automatically adds its template code in the Index Template, but in some modified themes, it fails to do so. To check if this is the cause in your case, open your theme’s template sets, then expand “Index Page Templates” and then click on “index” from the expanded list. In the index template, search for the word “myshoutbox”. If you don’t find the word, this is the cause of your problem. To get the shoutbox displayed on your forum, you can simply add “{myshoutbox_abcd}” code just below “{$header}” code in your index template. This will display the shoutbox above the forum categories, below the forum header on your forum’s home page.

MyShoutbox Commands

Note: You must have Admin or Mod privileges to use these commands on the shoutbox

  1. Delete All Shouts

    Command: “/delete all

  2. Delete All Shouts Older than the Specified Date **

    Command: “/delete older than MM-DD-YYYY

  3. Delete All Shouts Newer than the Specified Date **

    Command: “/delete newer than MM-DD-YYYY

** Don’t make any errors while typing these commands or you may end up deleting all of your shouts.

I hope this article helped you. If you’ve any questions related to the article or MyShoutbox plugin, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below.